Welcome on Leuconnect!

ELA France and ELA International are launching Leuconnect, an online platform dedicated to help clinical research by facilitating recruitment of patients into studies and clinical trials, to help the acceleration of research on leukodystrophies in France and worldwide.

With online administration of the study and the possibility to select studies, Leuconnect will allow you to be a true actor of research.

The platform is articulated around two interfaces:

  • A public space with updated information on leukodystrophies, news of the research, a list of opened studies and clinical trials. From the public page, by creating a personal account, you will join the e-cohort (patients affected by a leukodystrophy that have manifested the will to participate to online studies and clinical trial).


  • A private page, accessible with your account data, and from which you will be able to assemble your medical file and candidate to studies and clinical trials listed on the website. You will be contacted by a health practitioner to participate. For some studies, the regulatory documents will be signed online, as authorized by law. Your private page will also give you access to published results of studies.

The access to Leuconnect is highly secured. All personal information is stored by a professional host (Almerys) which received credential from the French Health ministry (Ministère de la Santé) and guarantees confidentiality. Investigators are also subject to high security identification.

We invite you to discover Leuconnect now!